Yuewo Lab Equipment Kit Sand Core Filter 1000ml With Vacuum Pump Suction Device For Tube

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Product Description:

Sand filter device vegetable borosilicate glass, uniform wall thickness, no bubble glass smooth and transparent, fast flow, pressure and sealing performance.

Vacuum filtration is a common laboratory equipment, in the chromatographic analysis, for the removal of the column life and the accuracy of the system detection of impurities, has an important role. In the filtration process it is the liquid degassing effect is also obvious. The equipment with different purposes of the filter membrane has been applied in the weight analysis, chromatography, colloid separation and other tests.

This series of single-stage vacuum pump, using direct-overall design, to make products more compact, lightweight and reasonable. Using a large starting torque, for a special design for a low-temperature environment, to ensure that in the case of low ambient temperature in winter boot normally.

Product Specifications:

Material: High borosilicate glass
Capacity of filter cup: 300ml
Capacity of receive bottle: 1000ml
Outer Diameter of sand core: 57mm
Inner Diameter of sand core: 42mm
Pore size of filter membrane: 30-50μm
Diameter of filter membrane: 46-60mm
This product does not include the filter membrane, Diameter of 50mm is common use in 1000ml suction filter device.

Structural features:

Vacuum filtration is composed of oil-free vacuum pump and filter bottle equipment, the whole is divided into funnel filter cup, the middle of the sand heart filter head (sintered filter), triangular set of liquid bottles and stainless steel fixed clip.
The filter bottle is made of special hard glass, the temperature change of 280 degree, and it can resistance pressure. Making beautiful appearance, uniform wall thickness, no bubbles, the standard size.

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