Yuewo 4l 1gal Moonshine Still Kit Alcohol Distiller Water With Bottle Home Brew Wine Making

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Moonshine still water distiller

This moonshine still water distiller is designed to increase the alcohol concentration of drinks through evaporation and condensation. Thanks to its stainless steel interior, and high performance Emerson temperature thermostat (which meet the UL standards), you can distill your drink safely and efficiently. If you distill wine, you get brandy. You can also get whisky or other strong drinks, or even the (medicinal) liquid distilled from honeysuckle flowers or lotus leaves through this distiller. An extra stainless steel stillage is included so that you can distill the raw material without worrying that it might clog the outlet of the distiller. The device is very easy to operate.

Specifications: Distiller: 304 stainless steel body, aluminum fan blade,


Power Input:AC 110-120 V,Frequency: 60Hz,Output Power: 750W

Capacity: 4 L / 1 Gal

Package Includes:
1 x Distiller
1 x Bottle
1 x Power Cord

The entire steam chamber including dome and the condensing coil is 100% grade 304 stainless steel; all plastics and stainless steel used are food-grade and BPA-Free

The temperature meter can automatically control the temperature. When it reaches a temperature you set, the device will automatically power off, more secure

Widely Use
It can effectively remove most tap water impurities,and it is suit for hospital, clinique, home, office, laboratory, travel and so on.

This dental distilled water machine has an over temperature automatic protection function. The power is automatically cut off when the safe temperature is higher than 160°C.

Model Number:
YLN-moonshine 1
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