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This triple scale hydrometer is extremely popular with wine and beer Specific Gravity Hydrometer is a necessary tool for your perfect home brewing or wine making. This triple-scale hydrometer reads in three scales – Specific Gravity, Brix/Balling, and Potential Alcohol.
It allows you to keep track of your fermentation’s progress and determine the finished product’s alcohol content by taking readings before and after fermentation and comparing them.
Coloured bands indicate where to start and finish wines and beers making it very easy to read.
Comes in a plastic tube for storage.
Instruction leaflet included.
Length : about 11inch(28cm)
A must have for your Home Brew equipment for ABV and Alcohol Testing
Triple Scale: Specific Gravity (0.99 – 1.17),Brix/Balling (0-35),Potential Alcohol (0%-20%)
Color-coded scale: indicates the starting and finishing point(Dessert Wines, Table Wines, and Beer)
Save time. Convenient 3 in one tool allows you to quickly and accurately measure vital information on your home brew
Secure & Safe Packaging: Plastic tube cylinder holds hydrometer
Best triple scale hydrometer for home brewers and wine makers
Triple scale reading – use all three reading scales for the measurement you need
Accurate measurements,The hydrometer is colored in 3 different colors for easier measurement (dessert wines, table wines and beer). Triple scale reading .
Why you need a hydrometer
1. Approximate the final alcohol % when pitching yeast
2. Estimate the fermentation rate by comparison
3. Accurately determine when the fermentation is complete
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