Tomato Onion Vegetables Slicer Cutting Shrendders & Slicers Aid Holder Guide Slicing Cutter Safe Fork Safety Chopping

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[Material]: Stainless steel+PP
[Product size]: 11cm-8cm
[Color]: blue, white, orange, green
?product advantages?:
When cooking, you have to handle the ingredients and cut vegetables. Cutting vegetables can easily cut your fingers. Even a professionally trained and skilled person can inevitably cause hand injuries. There is a Chinese folk saying: “No matter how high martial arts is, one is afraid of choppers.” This is what it means. With this vegetable cutting hand guard,
It can fundamentally avoid finger injuries. When in use, the hand guard is buckled on the finger, so that the finger holding the food material is behind the guard plate, thereby realizing the protection of the finger, and does not affect the flexibility and coordination of the finger holding the food material and cutting vegetables. Thanks to the ring buckle
The structural design with connecting guard plate, combined with the use of plastic manufacturing, has the characteristics of simple structure, beautiful and practical, and convenient to use.

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