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Material: Plastic + Stainless steel

Color: As the picture

Size: as picture show


1. Brand new, simple and safe

2. Dice, chop and mince in seconds

3. Combine food as you chop

4. Rotating stainless steel blades

5. With every slap, the finer the food gets

6. Open up for easy cleaning and it’s dishwasher safe

7. Chop up vegetables, nuts, chocolate and fruits quickly and easily

8. Great for onions and even garlic so your fingers don’t smell and it saves time

9. Separate outer skin from onions and garlic

Stainless steel manual garlic crusher

Great for onions and even garlic so your fingers don’t smell and it saves time.

Double “Z” type blade/ strong and sturdy/ spring handle/ easy to clean

Product details

Spring handle: simple operation, easy pressing, durable.
Stainless steel blade: long-lasting sharpness, easy scraping.
Removable: easy to clean and hygienic.
Food grade material: Health and Environmental Protection

01. Rotating buckle, not easy to fall off.

02. At the bottom of the antiskid.

03. The product is removable and easy to clean.

04. Double “Z” type stainless steel cutting head, no rust, strong cutting.

Fruit & Vegetable Tools Type:
Garlic Presses
Model Number:
Plastic ABS+ Stainless steel
Fruit & Vegetable Tools
Main Color:
white. Garlic press stainless steel, garlic press.
Feature 1:
The Stainless Onion Chopper is great for dicing and chopping onion.
Feature 2:
Dice, chop and mince in seconds, combine food as you chop.
Feature 3:
Chop different vegetable easily and quickly by pressing.
Feature 4:
Made of food grade plastic and stainless blade, safe to use.
Item name 1:
garlic press crusher, garlic press chopper, onion cutter slicer.
Item name 2:
garlic press stainless steel garlic chopper crusher, slap chop.
Item name 3:
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Item name 4:
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Item name 5:
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Item name 10:
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Item name 11:
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Item name 12:
stainless steel garlic press crusher.
Item name 13:
stainless steel manual garlic press crusher squeezer.
Item name 14:
garlic press crusher home kitchen mincer vegetable.
Item name 15:
1pcs stainless steel garlic presses manual garlic.
Item name 16:
garlic crusher stainless steel. garlic crusher presses
Item name 17:
ginger garlic crusher
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