Stainless Chocolate Shaker Cocoa Flour Icing Sugar Powder Coffee Sprinkler Fancy Fine Screen Barrel Cinnamon Sieve

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Stainless Chocolate Shaker Cocoa Flour Icing Sugar Powder Coffee Sifter

.It is made of safe and easy-clean plastic stencils, durable chocolate shaker. Great for make fancy Cappuccino’s, Coffee, Latte’s or Hot Chocolate the stencils are easy to clean You can use the shaker to sprinkle chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg, or for making Latte Art, Can also be used for decorating cakes, cupcakes etc Make some funny pattern on your coffee, let you and your friends enjoy a good mood when you put on the coffee cup 100% Brand new and high quality Color: Silver Material: stainless steel Size: 6.5 x 8cm Uses: Mount cocoa or cinnamon powder, evenly sprinkle on coffee, rich taste and aesthetic sense. (Can also be used as barbecue sub tank) Can also be combined with pattern mould, when the cocoa powder is loaded onto on the cappuccino,sub lovely patterns 1 pcs x Duster Sizes:

Stainless Steel
cocoa powder roasting coffee sprinkler powder sieve
Coffee utensils
Coffee powder sieve
Type 1:
Type 21:
cocoa powder
Type 3:
coffee shaker
Type 4:
coffee sieve
Type 5:
coffee maker sieve
Type 6:
for coffee
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