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A soda siphon is definitely a great partner for summer drinks. Maybe you can also buy a soda from a store, but if you make your own sparkling water at home with this seltzer bottle, the soda drinks will taste much better because you know exactly there are no harmful additives in your water.

Material: aluminum + ABS silicone
Size: 32.3*9.5 cm
Colour: white, red, black, silver
Suitable for venues: cafes, etc.

1. Open the lid and pour in pure water (about 8 minutes full) to lock.
2. Put a 8 gram CO2 into the basket and shake it up and down 45 degrees. (must be locked to avoid air leakage)
3. Press the handle to release the soda.
4. If you drink pure soda, just type it out. If it is a soda, it can be mixed with various flavors of soda, soda can make a variety of soda drinks.

Precautions for use:
[Soda Shots, Soda Water Foaming Precautions] • Avoid dropping, bumping or strong impact, which may cause the deformation of the tank to affect the efficacy of the product.
• After loading a perishable food such as butter, use it as soon as possible and clean it to prevent the rot from decaying.
• Do not place the soda gun next to the heat source to avoid affecting the function.

Packing list: 1 x Soda Siphon

Bar Tools Type:
Soda Siphons
Bar Tools
Model Number:
Soda Water Siphon
Feature 1:
Feature 2:
Siphon Maker
Feature 3:
Feature 4:
DIY Cocktail
Soda pop bottle foamer
Beer,Soda,Juice,soda stream ,soda maker
Bar tools,Bar accessories, Bar gadgets
Product Size(L x W x H):
33.00 x 10.00 x 10.00 cm / 12.99 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches
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