Sealing Utensil Portable Mini Sealer Household Plastic Bag Snacks Hand Pressure Electric Heat Pop Machine

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Instructions for mouth seals

1 after installing the battery, it will not automatically heat up, press down to heat up.
2 Install the battery according to the positive and negative electrode instructions at the bottom of the battery tank. If the battery is installed backwards, the sealer will not heat.
3. After the battery is installed, keep pressing for 3-5 seconds to start heating.
4 put all the sealed bags in the middle, the thinner bags can be pulled faster, the thicker bags can be pulled evenly and slowly.
5 After use, no need to remove the battery, just put the protective cover back to the heating wire.

Note: Do not press violently when sealing, otherwise the metal contact sheet will be deformed and not heated. The bag to be sealed must be kept clean and free from water, oil and other stains.
Continuous use time is not more than 1 minute, lest the battery overheat
Do not press violently when sealing Otherwise, the metal contact sheet will be deformed without heating.
Pay attention to the seal oil, water must be cleaned, otherwise it will affect the sealing effect.
The bag with powder can not be sealed. Please clean it up and use the sealing, which consumes a lot of power. Please use new alkaline battery.

The product type:
Mini portable
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