Reusable Capsula For Dolce Gusto Refillable Metal Pod Steel Filter Baskets Capsule Dripper

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Stainless Steel Dolce Gusto Filter Baskets Capsule Dripper Reusable Capsula For Dolce Gusto Refillable Metal Dolce Gusto Pod Cup

* Fully food grade stainless steell 304 material

* Capsule total height 32mm,top diameter 53mm. coffee tamper height 47mm, base diameter 38mm

* Fits all standard Dolce Gusto machines
* Much easier to close the unit,Create Capsules With Your Favorite Coffee, Reduce Your Environmental Impact

* High quality capsules (the capsules are food grade SUS304 ,and the high quality mouldings with inbuilt filter)

* Each capsule can be used 300- 500 times

* Easy to use & economical
* Creates a foam layer on your coffee
* Great way to save money – long lasting & with a bit of practice easy to use
* Eco friendly, can also be used for loose leaf tea or chocolate


Do you think DOLCE GUSTO capsules are far too expensive or you want to try another ground coffee?
Then we have the solution – these capsules mean you can try a coffee of your choice – tea or even chocolate.
Very simple to use (The espresso coffee blend MUST have a consistent fine grind, which means that all grains have the same size). ILLY OR LAVAZZA WORKS FINE

Just fill with the coffee of your choice, tamp down, close the lid and line up the hole in the top of the pod with the needle/pin in your machine and brew for a great coffee with a great crema. The pod is very easy to clean just empty used coffee in the bin or save for compost and just rinse under the tap – ready to use again.



Brand Name:
Stainless Steel
Filter Type:
Reusable Filters
Item Name:
dolce gusto capsules
Goods Type:
nescafe dolce gusto capsules
For Dolce gusto machine:
dolce gusto capsule refill
Food grade material:
stainless steel refillable dolce gusto capsules
Metal Capsule:
dolce gusto metal capsule
Empty Capsule Filter:
dolce gusto filter baskets capsules
Coffee Tool:
dolce gusto coffee maker
Rechargable Inox:
dolce rechargeable coffee capsule
For Machine:
dolce gusto inox
Dolce Gusto:
steel dolce gusto
nescafe gusto dolce
Top dia 53mm, height 37mm,botton dia 37mm
Metal Material:
food grade SUS304
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