Chrysanthemum King Head Special Premium Tea To The Fire


Chrysanthemum King Head Special Premium Tea To The Fire
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[Name]Chrysanthemum Tea

[Origin]China Zhejiang Province

Production Date: In 2020.

Quality Guarantee Period: 18 months.

[Introduction] The flowering period of chrysanthemum is about 20 days. It is generally more concentrated in early November. Should be harvested in batches, with the best harvest period when the flower heart (tubular flower) is open at 2/3. Fully open flowers not only have aromas, but also are easy to disperse after processing and have poor color. When harvesting, the branch where Hua Lian is to be cut off or cut off from the decentralized office, and put it into a small handle to facilitate dryness; or directly cut the flower head. Then processing. Processing methods are dried, dried, dried and so on. Chrysanthemum is a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine, which was called by the ancients as “extension of life.” Chinese medicine believes that chrysanthemum is sweet and bitter, slightly cold, and has the effect of dispelling wind, clearing heat, eyesight, and detoxification. Hangju is mainly produced in Tongxiang, Zhejiang and other places. The quality of these origins is also the best, and its large petals are wide, white or yellow. White, yellow in the center, fresh air, sweet and bitter, especially suitable for home tea drinking. Chrysanthemum is a succulent meat with a clear and mellow flavour. It is particularly suitable for tea drinking and serving with wolfberry enhances the effect of nourishing the liver. It is an eye-catching treatment for office workers who work with computers all day. Chrysanthemum is also excellent in the chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, which is not fully developed chrysanthemum buds, aroma, taste sweet.

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