Black Dragon Alloy Chopsticks Nonslip Sushi Tableware Gift Set


Balleenshiny Alloy Black Dragon Chopsticks Chinese Long Non-slip Sushi Hashi Chop Sticks Set Gifts Tableware
Black Dragon Alloy Chopsticks Nonslip Sushi Tableware Gift Set $17.99
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Black Dragon Design Alloy Chopsticks Set Nonslip Long Sushi Chopsticks Chinese Traditional Tableware Ideal Gift

Introducing our Black Dragon Design Alloy Chopsticks, the perfect fusion of functionality and style. These chopsticks aren’t just a utensil but a statement piece that adds a touch of elegance to your dining experience. Beautifully crafted from a durable alloy, these chopsticks are eco-friendly and certified by CIQ for their quality and safety standards.

Measuring 27.4cm in length, the chopsticks provide an ideal reach for a wide variety of dishes. Whether you’re enjoying sushi, hashi, or any other delicacy, these chopsticks make every bite a pleasure. They boast a non-slip design, ensuring a secure grip on your food. The reusable food sticks are easy to clean, offering you the convenience of multiple uses.

What sets these chopsticks apart is the intricate Black Dragon design, a nod to traditional Chinese culture. The dragon, a symbol of power and good luck, adds a unique aesthetic touch to your tableware. Weighing only 30g, these chopsticks are lightweight yet sturdy, making them suitable for all types of users.

This set makes an ideal gift for anyone who appreciates the art of dining. Whether you’re gifting them to a sushi lover or someone who enjoys cooking and dining, these chopsticks will be a treasured addition to their tableware collection.

Experience the blend of tradition and modern design with our Black Dragon Design Alloy Chopsticks. They are not just a dining tool but a celebration of style, culture, and the joy of eating.

Product Advantages:

  • Made from durable, eco-friendly alloy material, ensuring a sustainable dining experience.
  • Certified by CIQ, guaranteeing their quality and safety standards.
  • Measures 27.4cm/10.79 inches in length, providing the ideal reach for various dishes.
  • Features a non-slip design, ensuring a secure grip on your food for a smooth dining experience.
  • Conveniently reusable and easy to clean, offering multiple uses.
  • Exquisite Black Dragon design, adding a touch of traditional Chinese culture to your dining table.
  • Lightweight yet sturdy, weighing only 30g/1.05 ounces, making them easy to handle for all users.
  • Perfect for eating sushi, hashi, and other dishes, making them a versatile addition to your tableware.
  • Great gift idea for sushi lovers, cooking enthusiasts, or anyone who appreciates unique, stylish dining tools.
  • Combines tradition and modern design, offering a unique, stylish, and culturally rich dining experience.

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