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Practical Kitchen Tool Quick Defrost Tray Food Defrost Tray Non-Slip Thaw Plate

Quickly Thaw Meat Tools

100% brand new quality.
Normally, to keep the meat fresh, we freeze them in the refrigerator.
But when we take them out of the refrigerator to cook them, we have to wait for them to thaw, which is a waste of time.
At this point, you need a quick thawing tray to help you.
Our quick thawing tray is made of aluminum, safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.
It uses the principle of fast thermal conductivity of metal, which can quickly thaw frozen meat placed on it.
At the same time, it also has a groove design, which can drain the water produced by thawing, so as not to affect the taste of the meat.
Not only that, we also give away 4 silicone sleeves, which can be put on the four corners of the defrosting board, with non-slip function.
If you like cooking, you must not miss this kitchen defrosting assistant!
Generaled: S: 23*16.5*0.2cm, M: 29.5*20.8*0.2cm, L: 35.5*20.5*0.2cm
Thickened: S: 23*16.5*0.3cm, M: 29.5*20.8*0.3cm, L: 35.5*20.5*0.3cm
Thawing plate * 1, Silicone Case * 4
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