Plastic Handheld Ez Cracker Egg Separator Home Restaurant Kitchen Gadget Tools

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1. Cracks eggs easily
2. Separate egg
3. Cracks Hard Boiled Eggs also
4. No Shells & No Mess
5. Easy to use Just Need to follow 3 Steps only
New Whisk: Products using the new environmentally friendly materials, as long as the eggs in the egg rack, gently pressing the hand grip, the shell can be automatically broken, will not fall into the egg shell fragments, fast and convenient, in addition fasten the bottom of the tray, make their own separate yolk and egg white; if the traditional method of beating, always accidentally hit the outside of the egg, or the egg shell fell into the bowl, now features a new mixer, allowing you to stay away from these unnecessary trouble, it’s your ideal kitchen is a good helper.

Package included :

Handheld Egg Cracker x 1pcs

Egg Tools Type:
Egg Beaters
Egg Tools
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