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The divided model noodle roller can be used to make fine noodles, lasagna, dumpling skin, and ravioli skin.

Stainless steel and smooth surface make the noodle roller more durable and easy to clean.

The methods of installation and operation are simple, with the help of instructions, it’s easy to operate the machine. You needn’t to worry about this after purchasing. After pressing the whole dough into a flat one, put it into the knife edge and start the noodle roller by hand to cut out perfect noodles.

The included desktop clip keeps the machine in place and the body doesn’t move randomly.

The flexible handle with considerate non-slip plastic sleeve design can be rotated 360 ° and make it more smoothly when rolling.

Our device is suitable for various occasions such as home kitchens, restaurants,noodle & dumpling house and so on.

At your free time, you can make fresh noodles, ravioli, dumplings, lasagne, pasta, and experience the fun of DIY noodles with friends and family. It touches your sense of taste with unparalleled flavors and add more happiness to your life.


Healthier, homemade pasta

Create your own noodle recipes

Cheaper and more fun than buying ready made noodles

Table clamp included to hold machine in place

Small size & removable,won’t take up limited space

Easy to clean,Professional standard


Color: silver+yellow handle

Net Size: 20*20*14CM

Net Weight: 2.4KG

Material: stainless steel

Function Type: divided model two-blade pressing machine, home noodle roller

Package Contents

1* hand shaker

1* instruction manual

Pasta Tools Type:
Pasta Machines & Attachments
Model Number:
Pasta Makers
Pasta Tools
Metal Type:
Stainless Steel
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