Pasta Express Cooks Spaghetti Maker Cook Tube Container Fast Easy

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Main material : PP
Step 1. Place your pasta in the container and cover with boiling water Then attach the self-securing strainer and pop on the thermal lid
Step 2. Your pasta will now be cooking at the perfect temperature, either watch in amazement or continue about your day. No stirring, sticking or burning!
Step 3. When ready, remove the thermal lid and effortlessly drain the water.
Step 4. There you go! Perfect pasta, hassle free! Tuck in with your favorite sauce, we love a zesty tomato sauce with freshly picked basil.
Step 5. Now it’s everyone’s least favorite time. Washing up. But have no fear! The Pasta Xpress non-stick surface means no more of that sticky, hard to clean pasta residue. Simply pop it in the dishwasher and you’re done!

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