Pasta Cutter Hand-cutting Machine Embossed Dumpling Embossing With Cuisine Gadget Kitchenware Home Gadgets

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Pasta Hand-Cutting Machine Embossed Dumpling Embossing Machine With cuisine gadget kitchenware home gadgets

  • Easily distribution cut perfect sized pasta pockets, quick make multiple shapes ravioli at once.
  • The roll wheel can be used for cutting cookie/pasta/ noodle, comes with fluted edges to provide precise cutting.
  • Strong beechwood handle with sturdy aluminum frame provides comfortable and secure grip for less hand strain.
  • Ideal for making fat ravioli with extra filling. Seal pasta dough for authentic homemade ravioli with meat, vegetable, or cheese filling
  • Side flower biscuit mold dessert pastry dumpling skin cake mold cake baking utensils
  • Material: Stainless steel

Packaging contents:

  • 1X Cookie mold

Pasta Tools Type:
Pasta Machines & Attachments
Model Number:
Metal Type:
Stainless Steel
Pasta Tools Type:
Roller cutting machine
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creative kichen tools
kitchen gadgets:
kitchen tools accessories:
accessory kitchen
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cuisine outils accessoires
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cocina accesorios de cocina
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canudo inox
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cuisine gadget
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