New Home 23l 36l 45l Distiller Moonshine Still 304 Stainless Steel Boiler White Spirits Pure Water Alcohol Oil Wine Brewing Kit

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New Home 23L 36L 45L Distiller Moonshine Still 304 Stainless Steel Boiler White Spirits Pure Water Alcohol Oil Wine Brewing Kit

Packing list: The distillation pot contains separator, water pumps, tape, separation bags, 3m water pipes, exhaust valves, steam tray, 2 valves, clamps, gaskets, measuring cylinders, plastic bottles, measuring spoons, these accessories.

Material: 304 stainless steel

Voltage: 220v

About heating plate, 23/36/45L of 2800W, 56L of 3200W.

Capacity: 23L: Distill 5kg of dry food, 50 degrees of wine, 4kg
36L: Distill 8kg of dry food, 50 degrees of wine, 6kg
45L: Distill 10kg of dry food, 50 degrees of wine, 8kg
56L: Distill 13kg of dry food, 50 degrees of wine, 10kg

We offer : ONE year Warranty ! Online Guide ! FREE Parts Exchanged !

This set of home distiller is a complete wine making sets; it is very easy to be set up and use, It’s particularly suitable for the production of spirits with a strong aroma ( brandy, whiskey,fruit brandy, ecc.) , also for essential oils ( perfumes, remedy, and liquors ) but most of all for high graded alcohol ( vodka ). it can make pure water also , and We have test everything when we sending the package out;

Advantages: 1. Fully sealed cooler: the whole seal, prevents flow into the water from low place or outflow the water from high place. Easy to operate.
2. Double insulation effect. The lid and the barrel are all made of double layers, with strict sealing and good heat preservation effect.
3. One button to start the switch. The temperature is freely controlled, 30 degrees Celsius to 110 degrees Celsius, and steaming is convenient.

Feature: 1. SUS 304 stainless steel non stick heating plate, anti dry. Hot selling, energy saving, safer to use, not paste bottom.
2. Three layer structure of the barrel. Full barrel body food grade, 8k non magnetic stainless steel. The middle layer is made of polyurethane tree foam layer, promote heat storage capacity, can long-term insulation.
3. Inner layer heat storage capacity. The middle interlayer, professional custom insulation layer, to promote the overall heat storage capacity of the equipment, the outer layer blocks the low temperature, the inner layer locks the temperature, avoids the loss of heat energy, and improves the heat energy utilization rate to the state of constant temperature fermentation. The grain is fermented thoroughly, with high wine and good taste.
4. The heating plate of the bottom of the pan is heated up quickly, and the double-layer insulation effect of the pot wall allows the fermentation temperature to be surrounded by 360 degrees Celsius, so that the distiller’s grains are always at a constant temperature, so that the liquid is fully fermented thoroughly, and the liquor yield is improved, thereby improving the taste.

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