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Gardening timer can time the water flow of a regular drip irrigation system. The timing range is 5 minutes -120 minutes. Once the setting is completed, the flow can be automatically closed after the specified time. It can reduce water waste or overirrigation which will hurt the plants.

Model: BW-102 Upgrade two sets of timing functions

Net weight: 58g
Size: 79.5*73*29mm (standard size)
Packing specification: 77.5*29.5*47.5cm
Display size: 63*29.5mm
Including: 1pc X Timer
How to use:
1. Time standard setting:
2. Timing:
1. Press the MODE button to count up. When zero, press the start button to start timing.
3. Sectional countdown:
1. Press MODE to timekeeping mode, press CLEAR to clear, press SEC, MIN, HOUR to set the required time, and then press START (START / STOP), the countdown starts.
2. Press START / STOP to pause timing, press CLEAR to clear.
3. After setting the first group, press MODE to select the second group. The operation is the same as before. Bell 1 represents the first group and Bell 2 represents the second group.
4. Press the “MODE” key (MODE) to select the clock (CLOCK), positive count (COUNT UP), countdown 1 (COUNT DOWN 1), countdown 2 (COUNT DOWN 2)
4. memory function, time fast adjustment function:
1. The longest time for the product is 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds, and there is a start memory function for the last countdown; when it is used again, press the CLEAR key to automatically read back the last set time.
2. Press and hold the second (SEC), minute (MIN), hour (HOUR) buttons for more than two seconds, you can quickly adjust the time.
5. Battery replacement:
1. When the timer display is unclear or the sound is reduced, replace the battery.
2. Use AAA7 batteries.
3. Slide open the battery door, take out the old battery, put the positive and negative poles of the fresh battery into it, and push the battery door back to the original position.
Brand Name:
Set Time Reminder
Model Number:
Timers Type:
Digital Timers
Fixed Time:
≤1 hours
Plastic Type:
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