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Technical Parameters
1 , slow squeeze , does not destroy nutrients juice , the juice is high ;
2 , precision press screw design , slag, automatic separation of juice , juice mellow taste ;
4 , no power, any occasion can be used at any time can drink freshly squeezed juices ;
5 , stylish appearance and easy to carry , home , meals can be used anywhere ;
6 , high strength suction cup design , competent enough juice torque ;
7 , high- strength handle aviation aluminum molding technology combined with ease of use ;
8 , detachable design , easy to clean , suitable for admission .
Color Classification: Green
Feeding mouth shapes: round
Capacity: 401mL (including) -600mL (inclusive)
Body Material: Plastic
Package Includes:
Juice machine x1 Juice cup, filter x1
Cleaning brush x1 Marc box x1
Manual x1 Putting x1
1.It is Juicer( Celery Juice,Watermelon Juice,Wheatgrass Juicer, Snow Pear Juice,Apple Juice etc..) can be as Icecream Machine (Put the fruit into refrigerator to freeze 3 hours,you can take it out to make Ice Cream)
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Multifunction Portable DIY Manual Juicer
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