Meat Injector Pump 1 2 Gallon Marinade Injection For Pork Beef Bbq Grill

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Meat Injector Pump 1/2 Gallon Brine Marinade Injection for Pork Beef Turkey Brisket Lamb Sauce Seasoning BBQ Grill, Quickly and easily inject brine into large pieces of meat.

Graduate scaled 55OZ (1500ML)

Works great for: Pork, Beef, Chicken, Hams, Turkeys, Lamb. — works with any meat/food you want to add brine and moisture into.

Not Suitable for the injection of coarser marinades, such as minced onions and garlic,and thicker liquid, because they will cause the clogging.

Meat & Poultry Tools
Meat & Poultry Tools Type:
Meat Injectors
Model Number:
1/2 Gallon
Plastic + Metal
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