Magic Meat Defrost Tray Thaw Frozen Food Fish In Minutes Home Defrosting No Electricity Chemicals Microwave

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100% new quality.

Made of qualified materials, the quality is qualified, and it is safe and harmless.

Stylish design, exquisite style, high quality, low price and high cost performance.

Practical and durable.

It is the first choice for meat thawing.

Product: Meat Quick Thaw Board

Material: aluminum alloy

Color: As shown

Size: small 23cm*16.5cm*0.3cm, medium 29.5cm*20.5cm*0.3cm, large 35.5cm*20.5cm*0.3cm


Usually, in order to keep the meat fresh, we will put them in the refrigerator to freeze and keep fresh.

When we are going to use them for cooking, we need to take them out and thaw them.

However, waiting for a piece of frozen meat to thaw is very long, which will affect our cooking plan.

Therefore, it is necessary to speed up the time of meat thawing.

This meat thawing plate will do the job well.

Its texture is high-quality aluminum alloy, safe and non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and easy to clean.

Aluminum alloys have excellent thermal conductivity, so when the meat is placed on top of this thawing plate, it can be quickly thawed.

At the same time, its surface has grooves to drain the water from the meat thawing.

In addition, you can also choose to purchase a matching silicone pad to prevent the thawing plate from slipping.

If you like cooking, buy it now!

Package Included:

1*Meat Quick Thawing Plate

4*Matching silicone pad(Need to buy)


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