Kitchen Tools Meat Injector Syringe With 3 Marinade Needles For Bbq Grill Smoker Cooking Stainless Steel

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Stainless Steel Meat Injector Syringe with 3 Marinade Injector Needles for BBQ Grill Smoker, 2-oz Large Capacity

  • ✅【100% Safe & Healthy Kitchen/BBQ Tool】all components are FDA General Recognized As Safe: 304 stainless steel for syringe barrel and needles; zinc alloy for handle and injector top; FDA-compliant silicone material for grill pastry brush and seals; keep your family safe and healthy
  • ✅【Leak & Heavy Duty for Years】culinary stainless steel/zinc alloy metallic material (a little heavy injector syringe); sturdy turkey injector needles, easily to pierce the toughest cuts of meats or poultry; silicone basting pastry brush working well in high cooking/grilling temperature range
  • ✅【Juicy, Tender & Yummy for Every Bite】our food injector is solidly built to last to intensify flavors of Thanksgiving / Christmas turkey, beef brisket, pork butts, lamb, chicken, goose, duck; inject jelly / pudding into donuts, rum into strawberries, brine into home-cured meats; practical for kitchen tools, holidays, BBQ, smoked grill, family party, bonfire party!
  • ✅【Easy to Use & Dishwasher Safe】Ergonomic threaded design, easy to assemble or dismantle. 2-oz large capacity injection barrel minimizes refills; 3-Ring handle offers a comfortable grip and friendly pressure control; 3 interchangeable turkey needles w/ multi-holes for deep penetration and perfect sauce distribution, like chunky marinades or liquid brine.
  • ✅【What You Get】1x 2-OZ large capacity flavor injector barrel; 3x meat needles; 5x spare syringe silicone O-rings; 2x cleaning bush; 1x silicone BBQ basting brush; 1x EVA box for safe and convenient storage; friendly customer service; KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN!

Inject All of Enjoyment into Your Every Juicy Bite!

Your big meal savior– a must-have kitchen gadget!

You might have such an embarrassing experience: spending 1 night even much longer in soaking or marinating meat or turkey, yet, you will find cooked meat is dry and bland at your family dinner or BBQ grill party. Such a mess!Thanks to Ofargo’s heavy duty meat injector kit, marinade injection gives you a juicy, tender flavor every bite! You and your family will want to eat all the time.

  • FDA-approved safe food-contact injector kit
  • Premium food-grade 304 stainless steel, rust-resistant, anti-erosion
  • 3 types of needles for various meat or poultry; Precision needles for different marinades or sauces, non-clogged design
  • Cute green silicone basting brush
  • Small cleaning brushes for needles
  • Elegant box for storag

Where There is a Big Meal, There is an Ofargo Utensil.

FDA-Approved & Food-Grade Materials

Made of #304 stainless steel ( used widely for medical apparatus) and FDA-approved silicone O-rings/basting brush. 100% safe food-contact kitchen gadget. Pretty heavy duty & healthy asset to your kitchen.

3 Different-Function Needles

3 types of needles (2x 6” plus 1x 3”) for different applications. Made of #304 stainless steel, anti-corrosive & clog-resistant to both fluid and chunky marinades.

Shorten Meat-Marinated to 1~2 Hours

Traditional marinating, soaking or brine process takes 1 night even much longer for meat to absorb flavor, still resulting dry and bland taste. But marinade-injecting drastically shortens the preparation time. Fast injection, fast cook.

Elegant Box–Perfect as a Gift

The whole injector kit comes in a exquisite and beautiful box, easy for storage in cabinet. This WAY practical and handy kitchen gadgets with a high-end box will be loved at the first sight by anyone as a gift.

Step 1: Clean and Smear Food Oil Before Use
Before your first use, please wash all components gently by using a dime-sized amount of dishwashing liquid and warmWater or on the top rack of dishwasher for cleaning. Then smear a thin film of food oil (like canola, olive oil) around the inside of injector barrel whenever you use it for lubrication, otherwise the plunger will be very hard to push! (Download PDF eBook Page 9 for details)

Step 2: Load Marinades into Injector (2 Methods)

2 types of filling your marinades: A) choose suitable needle and screw it on injector barrel, then put needle tip into your marinade container and draw the marinade up into the barrel chamber by pulling the O-ring handle like doctor taking an injection. B) screw needle clockwise onto injector barrel until needle O-ring is tightened, then unscrew the plunger assembly top cap, and fill the barrel with your marinade by pouring or spooning-in. (Download PDF eBook Page 12 for details)

Step 3: Tricks of Injecting Marinades

Oil your meat needle-> Map Your Injection Points -> Limit the Number of Entry Points -> Keep Your Needle In The Meat -> Parallel Injection & Plunge While Pulling-> Apply Pressure Steadily. (Download PDF eBook Page 18 for details)

Step 4: O-Ring Replacement Skill (Optional)

Whenever you wash or replace plunger big o-ring, you might find it hard to remove it off plunger. Here is a skill. Follow our illustration steps, you will find it so easy! (Download PDF eBook Page 28 for details)

Meat & Poultry Tools Type:
Meat Injectors
Metal Type:
Stainless Steel
Model Number:
Meat & Poultry Tools
Level Grade:
Food Grade
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