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Name: Aluminum Alloy Manual Multifunction Meat Grinder Mincer EnemaTable Kitchen Home

Model: 596791
Product Description
Material: Aluminum alloy
Color: Silver

* Product structure is simple, the appearance of novel,
* The use of light, disassembly and flexible, easy to clean
* Use a wide range, can be used for meat, squeeze noodles, irrigation sausage, milling and soy milk
Application: meat, vegetables, stuffed noodles, sausage, flour and soya and so on food

How to use (Instructions)
1. When using the meat grinder, the meat chopper will be washed with water first, then installed as it is, and then pressed.
2. Before use, the meat grinder to the case board or benchs above the thickness of about 5cm, the bottom of the meat grinder hand tighten the screw tightening, clamp the chopping board, fixed.

Package include:
1 x Meat grinder
1 x A set accessories (enema, blade tools, etc.)

Aluminum Alloy
Model Number:
Meat Grinder
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