Homebrew Oxygenation Diffusion Stone 0 5 And 2 Micron Steel Beer Carbonation Aeration For Wine Tools Bar

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The 0.5 micron has much smaller holes, allowing it to carbonate beer quicker and with a longer lasting head. Due to the finer hole size, this diffusion stone will not properly aerate wort when used with an aeration pump.

The 2.0 micron diffusion stone is useful for aerating wort with room air and an aquarium pump or oxygen.The barb is 1/4″ OD.

*Please Note: Never touch the diffusion stone without using sanitize gloves. Oils on your finger tips can clog the small diffusion holes.


Length – 1″ Diameter – 0.5″ Micron – 0.5/2.0

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Brand Name:
Brew Shark
Stainless Steel
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