Home Brew Beer Gas Line Assembly 5 16 Inch Pvc Carbonation Hose W21 8 Co2 Regulator With Convert Adapter For Bottle

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Home Brew Carbonation Gas Line Assembly, 5/16″ PVC Gas Hose,W21.8 Co2 Regulator with Convert Adapter for Co2 Gas Bottle

Package includes:
1 x W21.8 gas regulator
1 x 1.5 meter Black PVC 5/16″ ID tube
1 x Ball lock disconnect – gas
1 x Bottle Adapter T21-4 convert to W21.8
2 x Stainess hose Clamps
Brand Name:
Product Type:
Carbonation Equipment
Stainless Steel
beer line:
Carbonation Gas Line Assembly
Homebrew Beer Line Assembly:
with Black Cool PVC Tube
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