Diy Small Size 150ml Glass Essential Oil Steam Distilling Lab Apparatus Hydrosol Distillation Chemistry Teaching Equipment

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This is DIY Lab Distillation Apparatus that is widely used in lab,homeand other areas,you can make distillation by it,it is convenient and you can get interests from it.

Note:Alcohol and matches are not available.


1. Separate the liquid mixture.
2.Assay the boiling point of pure compounds.
3.Purification and distillation.
4.Recover solvents,or steamed part of the solvent out to enrichment solution.
Attention Tips:
1. Put few broken ceramics into the distillation flask in order to prevent liquor from bumping.
2. The position of mercury bulb inside of the thermometer should be at the same level with nozzle bottom.
3. The liquor inside of the distillation flask can’t be more than 2/3 of volume or fewer than 1/3 of volume.
4. Cooling water inside of condenser pipe enters into mouth and gets out wound.
5. Heated temperature can’t over boiling point of highest material of mixture.
Package includes:
1 pcs of lab distillation set with everything as pictured.

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