Crushed Red Pepper Hot Paprika 80 Gr 210 Kitchen Accessories Vegetable Cutter

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Red hot crushed pepper, salt, vegetable oil

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Red Paprika is obtained by drying hot chili peppers and flakes. Meat dishes, some sauces, cheeses, mushroom sautées, kebabs, salads, ravioli, Circassian chicken, pizza sauce, Hungarian national dishes “goulash”, soup, meat dishes, some kinds of sauces, Italian tomato spaghetti. , salads, pickles and powder are evaluated in abundance.


We wait patiently for the plant to grow up to the most saturated level before harvest. We know that a spice can be in many different types depending on the climate and geography where it grows. We carefully select the most suitable raw material for the Baghdad product standards.


Fresh seasoning means more intense flavor. We always offer fresh spices to you 100% naturally without any additives.


While processing the raw material in our own factories; We use special production and processing systems that will preserve the aroma, naturalness and freshness.


We carry out the packaging process in our own factories with advanced technology without human touch. We determine the most correct packaging for spice storage conditions as a result of meticulous work. In this way, our products keep their freshness for a long time without losing their aroma. We ensure that it reaches you fresh and healthy.

Brand Name:
Bağdat Baharat
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Spice & Pepper Shakers
Herb & Spice Tools
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