Chinese Hot Pot With Lid Thicken Stainless Steel 2 In 1 Divided Hotpot Kitchen Cooking Pan Cover Gas Stove Induction Cooker

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Brand New and high quality.
1) Number of recommendations:
26cm: 1-2 people
28cm: 1-3 people
30cm: 2-5 people
32cm: 3-7 people
34cm: 5-10 people
36cm: 7-11 people
2) Dual Sided for putting two different flavors.
3) S-type separator, innovative style, beautiful shape.
4) High encryption spot welding procedure, not easy to leak.
5) Made of stainless steel material, thermal speed, safe and durable.
6) Pot bottom smooth and shining, and spot welding marks clearly visible.
7) Clapboard solder joint’s spacing was very uniform, with bottom pot is very fit.
8) Application: induction cooker, gas furnace, electric furnace, ceramic hob and so on.
9) Hollow handles, heat conduction was less, when used the temperature will not too high.

Scientific test method: keep the water pressure balance on both sides to test. Add water on both sides at the same time, drip soy sauce on one side, the water side will not change color, that is, the hot pot will not be smelly.

Wrong test method: only put water on one side, and the place with water will squeeze to the other side under the condition of pressure difference on both sides, which is a normal physical phenomenon.

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