Carbonation Gas Line Assembly For Beer Making Soda Water 0-90 Psi Co2 Regulator & Pvc Tube Ball Lock

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Carbonation Gas Line Assembly for Beer Making Soda Water,0-90 Psi CO2 Regulator 5/16” PVC Tube & Ball Lock Beer Line Assembly
Co2 Mini Regulator
★ Used for Soda Water bottle with thread TR 21* 4 EU Standard
★ It won’t need any adaptor connect.
★ These stainless steel barb outlets replace the standard M8 threaded brass outlets that come as standard normally.
★ They allow you to connect a piece of 8mm gas line directly to the regulator rather than using the swivel adapter and barb outlet
5/16″ Gas Line Assembly
★ Must have for all Cornelius keg owners. Dispense like a Pro.
★ Carbonate anything. Making beer, water, tea, or any other beverage.
★ Also works great to dispense your keg or growler. This kit is much smaller and lighter than traditional tanks/regulators.
★ Easy cleaning by removing the MFL gas disconnect and running water through the Tubing.
★ Widely Used, Can Used for Cornelius Kegs,Pepsi Keg, Ball Lock Keg work with All Standard Regulators .
Package Inlcude:
1) 0-90 PSI Mini Co2 Regulator
2) 1m Cool Black Pvc Tube (5/16″ OD 7/16″)
3) 1 pc MFL Ball Lock Disconnect for Gas
4) 1 pc Swivel Nut
5) 2 pcs hose clamps
Brand Name:
Product Type:
Carbonation Equipment
ball lock beer line assembly:
5/16" Gas Line Assembly
Soda Tank Corny Keg Dispenser:
CO2 Injection System
Draft Beer Dispensing:
Soda CO2 Mini Gas Regulator
Guage Range:
0-90 PSI
Guage Type:
Feature 1:
Carbonatnion beer,water,beverage
Feature 2:
Directly Contect with Co2 Cylinder/ Co2 Tank
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