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The Brew in a Bag(BIAB) method of brewing has been growing in popularity over the last few years. This method is as simple as steeping tea.
How to do it ?
1) Fill your kettle with water and heat to the ‘strike’ water temperature.
2) Allow the grain to sit for the recommended mashing time.
3) Then let the bag drain and pour some additional ‘sparge’ water over the bag to rinse the remaining sugars out of the grain.
4) At this point, you can discard the bag/grain or set aside for washing.
* Versus traditional mash tuns ,Brew in a Bag saves both and time & * money when all-grain brewing.
* High Temperature Resistance, Food Grade.
* Drawstring Straining Design Helps extract filter bags at any time
* Multi-size Choose (14x20cm, 19x28cm,23x46cm , 30x60cm,50x60cm)
Package Include:
1Pc x Brew Filter Bag
Kindly Reminder: Since the Bag is Hand Made there will be a size different Range Between 2 — 3cm.
Brand Name:
Product Type:
Filters, Funnels & Strainers
Food Strainer:
Grain Brew Bag
Filter Bag:
Brew in a Bag
Straining Brew Bag:
Fermentation equipment
Large Strainer for Hops Grains:
Nylon Mesh Strainer Brew Tools
Home Brewing Fermenting Accessory:
Brew Filter Bag
120 Mesh
5 kinds of sizes
Feature 1:
Reusable Straining Bag
Feature 2:
Drawstring Straining Bag
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