Beer Brewing Carbonation Cap With 5 16 Inch Barb Ball Lock Disconnect Set Fit Cola Soda And Most Of Soft Pet Bottles

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Beer Brewing Carbonation Cap with 5/16″ Barb Ball Lock Disconnect Set,Fit Cola Soda Beer and Most of Soft Dring Pet Bottles

Product Description:

The carbonation cap is highly effective method to add and maintain carbonation in beverages for extended periods of time.
The in-built 5/16″ Bart can attach 5/16″ ID tubing and a 0.5 micron carbonation stoneto attach on the end with the portability of being able to move the cap from bottle to beer bottle.
Product Advantages :
  • Stainless stell make it last forever.
  • Compared with the traditional bottling, kegging, and home seltzer machines,save more time and money
  • Simple to use,fill a standard 2L bottle with homebrew (or liquid), attach the cap and CO2 system, and shake.
  • Carbonating home brew has never been easier! Use a standard plastic bottle and this carbonation cap for an easy and effective carbonation process.

Stainless Steel
Product Type:
Carbonation Equipment
Brand Name:
Carbonation Cap:
carbonation cap ball lock
304 stainless steel carbonation cap:
quick disconnect
Carbonation Cap Barb Size:
gas ball lock (white):
liquid ball lock (black)
Home brewing Accessories:
Draft Beer Brewing
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