Bbq Meat Grill 100ml Injector Syringe Marinade Seasoning Flavor

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BBQ Meat Grill 100ML Injector Syringe Marinade Seasoning Flavor Injector

Including 5 Needles as photo

Comes with a set of original spare O-rings,this syringe injector is made of plastic of TPX (polymethylpentene), TPX is a lightweight, high temperature polyolefin with exceptional acoustical and electrical properties, it features low moisture absorption and excellent chemical resistance. This injector can be sterilized under boiling water.

2 holes on opposite sides of needle perfect for great marinade distribution

Usage procedure:

Step 1. PREPARE: Clean the fish, mutton ,turkey, poultry, pork and beef etc. pour the seasoning(marinade, flavor) in one bowl or cup, you can add salt, sauce ,garlic powder ,sugar and any other spice which you like.
Step 2. ABSORB THE MARINADE: Attach the needle on the injector hub, turn the needle clockwise until it is tight. submerge the needle into the marinade and pull back the plunger ,draw the marinade into the desired level.
Step 3. INJECT: Inject the marinade into the larger meat at some points and different angles. For example ,inject the turkey breast,thigh and leg.

Warm prompt:

When injecting, draw out the needle slowly in order to make the marinade in different depth. Insert the needle into the biggest meat portion for several times. If you want to coat the marinade on the meat surface, please do it. Now grill the meat according to grill steps.

Cleaning and storage:

Draw the detergent into the injector barrel ,repeat for several times. Then rinse it under tap until it is clean . Lightly coat the piston and plunger by vegetable oil.

This injector can be sterilized under boiling water.

Warning: The needle is sharp instrument .it can cause serious bodily injury. Keep away from children. Store it in a safe place.

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