Apple Stainless Steel Double Layer Insulated Lunch Box For Kid Tableware Gift Fork Spoon And Chopsticks Set

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Name: Apple Stainless Steel Double Layer Insulated lunch Box
Material:0.5mm high quality Stainless Steel and PP environmental plastic
Specification: width:13.7cm/height:8cm/capacity:800ml/weight:380g
Color of handle: silver
Insulating property:insulating effect about 3 hours
Gifts: spoon, fork, chopsticks set (Gifts may not be the same as pictures)
Sealing Property:The lunch box have spill proof the function but can not be sealed completely.The lunch box will be keep stand can not be put at side to avoid liquid food leaking.
Notice: The lunch Box is double hollow insulation construction. The handle is made by plastic metalizing so it is forbidden to put in the hot environment above 130 degree centigrade.Such as microwave oven,disinfection cabinet high temperature so as to destroy sealing property or damage the handle.

Stainless steel handle is durable and easy to clean

The surface is as bright as a mirror

Durable and beautiful

Food grid

Separate rice from vegetables

Made of stainless steel one-piece stretch seal

Integrally molding, beautiful, durability

To avoid food leakage

Please put the lunch box smoothly

1, the lunch box material is stainless steel, it is not suitable to place strong acid food for a long time.

2, the first time use, please use neutral detergent to warm water first

3, in order to improve the insulation effect, please use the boiling water to heat the liner before putting the food

4, can not be heated using induction cooker or microwave oven

5, to avoid strong impact, to prevent deformation of the lunch box, affecting the insulation effect

6, can not be cleaned with steel balls or hard objects

2, the item is damaged, the quality is poor, the physical object and the description do not match the unconditional refund

Return exchange

Customer service

Pre-sales or after-sales consultation initiated by the buyer, must reply within 24 hours

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