7 Pcs Set Egg Tool With Separator Boiler Cooker Transparent Silicone Maker Steamer Kitchen Omelette Mold

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7 Pcs/Set Egg Tool with Separator Egg Boiler Cooker Transparent Silicone Maker Egg Steamer kitchen Omelette mold

Help make hard boiled eggs quicker and easier.
Allows you to hard boil eggs without the shell!
Simply crack, boil and twist to enjoy hard boiled eggs without the messy peeling of the eggshell after they’re done.
The egg cup with lid, flexible egg cooking tool can make perfect steamed egg without eggshell.
Keep egg fresh, delicate and convenient to eat.
Thermodynamic design allows eggs to cook just like in the shell.

Suitable for veggies, eggs, desserts, cheese, fudge and more.
6 Egg Cups with 1 Egg Separator.
Grate kitchen tools for egg lovers.
Allow you make different tastes egg at once.

Material: safe plastic
Color: transparent
Item Size: 6*6*8.5cm

Package included:
6pcs egg cooker+1Egg Separator / 4pcs steamed egg / 1pcs steamed egg

Egg cup height: 85mm, width: 60mm, cover diameter: 36mm Separator length: 145mm, width: 65mmh: 65mm

7pcs egg cooker, high quality material, non-stick pan, easy to clean

4pcs high temperature resistant silicone egg cooker, environmentally friendly five poison, food grade silicone steamed egg, egg tray

Environmentally friendly silicone, soft texture, no odor

Package include:

6pcs egg cooker+1egg Separator / 4pcs steamed egg / 1pcs steamed egg

Brand Name:
Egg Tools Type:
Egg Poachers
Egg Stiring
Eggbeater Laying Method:
Tabletop / Portable
Egg Tools
Model Number:
egg boiler
Type 1:
egg boiler
Type 2:
Omelette mold
Type 3:
Egg tool
Type 4:
Type 5:
Egg container
Type 6:
Microwave oven egg boiler
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