56 Blades Needle Meat Tenderizer Stainless Steel Beaf Steak Mallet Hammer Pounder Cooking Tools

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SUPERIOR QUALITY KITCHEN TOOL The best device for creating succulent and tender cuts of meat. This robust and well-made tenderizer will tenderize, decrease cooking time by up to 40%, and allow marinade to penetrate readily, all with spectacular results. With no more hammering and smashing, cooking has never been this great before!


GOODBYE CHEWY STRINGY RUBBERY MEAT Ultra sharp stainless steel needle blades spike the toughest of meat cuts so you can enjoy delicious mouthwatering and tasty professional dishes at the fraction of the cost. Turn your tough cuts of meat into melt in your mouth steak in just seconds. Perfect for all meat cuts, retaining flavor and enjoyment for you and all your guests every time!


SAFE AND EASY TO USE Manufactured to an extremely high standard, with food grade ABS plastic and 56 stainless steel blades, this sturdy constructed device has an engineered spring unit that cleverly retracts the blades to safety having pierced cleanly and easily through your meat. It features an ergonomic shape to comfortably fit your hand; simply push down on the device to use, activating three rows of super strong, ultra sharp blades.


EASY TO CLEAN – cleaning blades easily with brush


Package Includes:

1 x Meat Tenderizer


Meat & Poultry Tools Type:
Meat Tenderizers & Pounders
Model Number:
Needle Meat
Meat & Poultry Tools
Feature 1:
Stainless Steel Meat Tenderizers
Feature 2:
Steak Pork Pounders
Feature 3:
Meat Hammer for Steak
Feature 4:
Kitchen Tools
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