50pcs Kraft Paper Disposable Bowl Large Capacity Eco Container Water And Oil Proof Takeaway Food Package

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Wholesale Kraft paper bowl ECO-friendly Composting container Water and Oil proof Suitable for family gathering snacks picnic takeaway. 500ml/750ml/1000ml/1090ml/1200ml/1300ml.

Brand: zeqiu
Color: As shown.
Material: kraft paper
Don’t put the lid in while the microwave is heating!

We are factory outlet. If you need bulk order, please contact customer service. Thank you for your support!

Eco-food bowl: our products are made of green and environment-friendly materials without adding any harmful substances. After use, it can be safely discarded. They can be degraded automatically and composted in the natural environment.
Water and oil proof: the inside of the bowl has a film to prevent food penetration,which you can use to hold greasy food, or cakes and soups.
Great packaging solution:The bowls are good for restaurants, markets, grocery, or salad bars to packing foods. Or you can use it to package varieties of items at your home kitchen.


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