50pcs 160x110x45mm No 3 Sushi Box With Lid Disposable Food Tray Plate Cake Cookies Container

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160*110*45mm no.3 sushi box

Brand: zeqiu
Color: As shown.
Material: HIPS
It is made of food contact grade material, without adding any harmful substances and producing any peculiar smell. It can come into direct contact with food.
The lid is treated with anti-fog technology, so that the food inside can be clearly seen. At the same time, the junction between the lid and the plate is designed with buckle, so that the lid can be tightly combined with the plate.
The container is hard and reusable,But please do not use in the microwave or oven.
Suitable for family gathering, picnic restaurant wedding and food display.
We are factory outlet. If you need bulk order, please contact customer service. Thank you for your support!
You’ll get a bigger discount if you buy more.

You can choose more patterns.


Is there a discount?

We are factory outlet. If you need bulk order, please contact customer service. I’ll give you a satisfactory discount.Thank you for your support!

Are these products safe?

These disposable meal boxes are tested for quality and safety. Does not contain any harmful substance,They can be in direct contact with food and are suitable for everyone

Brand Story

Shanghai ZEQIU industrial company is a famous food packaging company in Shanghai.The company has been established for many years the environmental protection, quality, service, safety in the first place,and it has been committed to environmental protection, sustainable development, energy saving, safety, practical aspects of research, to give consumers the best product experience.

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