500ml Cream Whipped Dispenser Aluminum Decorating Nozzles Desserts With Three

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500ml cream dispenser
This cream dispenser is great for decorating a whipped cream, Birthday Cake, Ice Cream, cheese, pastry cream, shakes and other desserts. Youll be amazed by its versatility and convenience, as well as how easy it is to use and clean!
Cream dispenser tips
Choose from three decorating tips – cross, lotus and plum blossom – to create perfect designs with this 0.5 liter (500ml) cream whipper dispenser. Now your desserts and food toppings can look as great as they taste!
High quality
Make of aluminum material, environmental protection, health material, no harmful substances, durable. Caution: do not rub with hard materials, will cause injuries
Air inlet
There is a needle in the air inlet hole of the spray gun, through which the diaphragm of the air bomb is punctured. The air in the air bomb can enter into the cream dispenser through the air inlet hole.
Silicone seal
Silicone seal, safe and healthy, strong sealing, prevent steam bomb into the air leakage situation.
Do not put the silicone ring in a high temperature place to prevent impact the sealing of silicone ring.
Pressure resistance
Deep depression design at the bottom of the bottle, strong pressure resistance. Ensure long service life and safety. The bottom of the bottle polished.

Step 1: before use, clean all the cream foaming machine with hot water, and then rinse it with cold water. Prepare the light cream and Cream bomb.
Step 2: add light cream about 0.5L / 1L (do not exceed the mark on the dispenser bottle).
Step 3: check the silicone ring of the dispenser nozzle and tighten the dispenser nozzle.
Step 4: shoot a cream bomb. Note: only one bomb can be injected at a time, and there will be some danger if more bombs are fired.
Step 5: shake the dispenser up and down about 30 times. You can hear the sound of light cream and steam bomb fusion inside the dispenser.
Step 6: dispenser gun head down, mount the mouth to the container, tighten the foam wrench, foam forming cream from inside the dispenser.

Note: when filling cream, it is best not to exceed one third of the capacity, the recommended is 180ml-200ml.The cream produced with this cream dispenser is soft and suitable for making cream drinks such as coffee. If you want a bit harder cream, put it in the fridge for an hour before using it.

Item Type: Cream dispenser
Quantity: 1pc
Material: Aluminum
Item Color: Silver
Capacity: 500ml
Certification: FDA
Total Height: 31.5cm/12.4”
Item Size: 8*22.5cm/3.1*8.8” (Bottom diameter*bottle height)
Net Weight: 840g/29.6oz

1 x Cream Dispenser
3 x Decorating Nozzles
1 x Cleaning Brush

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Dessert Tools Type:
Cooking Torches
Model Number:
Cream Dispenser
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