4pcs Set Diy Handmade Nougat Silicone Mold Non-stick Mat Wooden Flat Roll Chocolate Baking Pastry Candy Tools

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4Pcs/set DIY Handmade Nougat Silicone Mold Non-stick Mat Wooden Flat Roll Nougat Chocolate Mold Baking Pastry Candy Tools

Product Name: Nougat silicone mold

Material: food grade silicone + beech

Color: white + brown


silicone square mold: 25 * 18 * 4cm

non-stick mat: 17 * 24cm

rolling pin: 2.5 * 2.5 * 16cm

aid stick: 1.6 * 1.6 * 24cm

Nougat production methods:

1, Ingredients: white cotton candy 300g, almond 250g, cranberry 50g, unsalted butter 50g, powdered milk 130g;

2, put the almonds into the oven for 20 minutes, the temperature 150;

3, put the butter into the non-stick pan, small fire melted into liquid;

4, the marshmallows into the butter, stir, simmer over a small fire, into thick syrup;

5, the milk into syrup, stir; then add warm almonds and dried cranberries;

6, full mixing;

7, put the non-stick pad into the silicone mold, then put the nougat into the mold;

8, gently press nougat with a rolling pin to make it a flat surface;

9, the nougat placed in the vents or refrigerator, make it cool;

10, the cooling of the nougat mold release, with assistive tools cut into small pieces of nougat


1, this product can also make biscuits molds and pastries, or other types of candy;

2, adjust ingredients according to your own taste;

3, the use of almonds, to ensure that almonds have a certain degree of heat, can not be completely cooled, so more delicious;

4, nougat can be stored at room temperature, can also be stored in the refrigerator, because there is no preservatives, all are not recommended for long-term storage;

5, non-stick, stripping easy, easy to clean.


1, mold raw materials are silicone, excellent flexibility, as in the transit caused by deformation, stretching with a rolling pin can be restored;

2, must be stripped after cutting nougat, so as not to damage the mold.


1 x nougat silicone mold

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Dessert Tools
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nougat mold
silicone and beech
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