40pcs Seals Refill Coffee Capsulas Stickers Refillable Nespress Pod Reusable Italian Filters Lids

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1.Size Reference:dia 37mm

2.Perfect Gift for Coffee Lovers
3.food grade Material, Safe, Non-Toxic, Environmental Protection

Using Steps:

Step 1: Fill the Capsule with Coffee. Press Down a Little, But Do not Pack It hard. Packing Too Hard, or Using Too Fine a Grind Could Block Water From Going Through the Capsule.
Step 2: Cover the Capsule and Snap It Closed All Around. Clean the Excess Coffee From the Surface.
Step 3: Put the Capsule in Your Nespresso Espresso Brewer. Try to Position It So That The Hinged Part of The Capsule is Facing up.
Step 4: Brew.

It is Important to Experiment with Correct Amount of Coffee About 6 to 7g, (5g/spoon) and Also Pay Attention to Grind Which Can Neither be Too Coarse Nor Too Fine. Please Try a Few Times to Find the Correct One . You Will be Surprised How Good and Creamy the Coffee Is.

Brand Name:
Stainless Steel
Filter Type:
Permanent Filters
Filter Type 1:
Permanent filters film
Filter Type 2:
Refillable Capsule Cup sticker
Compative With:
Nespresso Coffee Machine
Capsule Type 1:
Empty Coffee Capsule seals
Dia 37mm
Capsule Type 2:
Reusable Nespresso Coffee capsule seals
Coffee Tool:
Coffee dripper filter sticker
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