400ml Protable Shaker Bottle Whey Protein Powder Mixing Sports Nutrition Fitness Water Bpa Free

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400ml Protable Shaker Bottle Whey Protein Powder Mixing Bottle Sports Nutrition Protein Shaker Fitness Water Bottle BPA Free

Mix Protein Shakes and Nutritional Supplements with Ease
Snap-On strainer will easily mix powdered drinks without clumps or lumps
The food of material safe, BPA-free, phthalate-free
Material: PP
Size: 16.5cm*9.5cm
Weight: 125g
Shaker bottle*1+304 stainless steel strainer*1
Four methods of removing odors:
1. Pour hot water into the cup, add baking soda, shake it, drop it after a few minutes, and remove the odor.
2. Toothpaste can not only remove the odour of the teeth, but also remove the smell in the cup. Wash
the cup with toothpaste, and the smell will disappear immediately.
3. Prepare salt water, pour it into a teacup, shake it and place it for a while, then pour it out and
rinse it with clean water.
4.Pour half a cup of warm water into the cup, then pour a few spoons of milk into it, shake it gently, and then pour it out after a few minutes. Rinse with clean water.

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