3pcs Pack Nespresso Coffee Capsule Refillable Reusable Cafe Pods Plastic Filter For Original Line Machine Coffeeware

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How to Get a Nice Espresso?
This Capsule Makes a Good Cup of Espresso If You Do These:

1.Use Good Grind

They are Very Picky about How the Coffee is Ground. It Requires Try and Error to Figure out the Best Amount of Coffee to Use.

You Can Use Lavazza Grind Coffee, Fine Used the Scoop Amount and Tapped – 90 to 95 Percent as Good as the Nespresso, Tapped it Down with the Scoop, Closed the Lid, Popped it in the Machine, Lovely Coffee, Had a Good Cream on Top.

2. Tamp Down Well

When You Tamp Properly, You’ll See that Caramel Colored Cream Coming out of Your Machine.

3. Clean the Lid after Every Use. Otherwise You will Get a Tiny Cup of Weak Coffee.

After You Use Them, Soak Them in a Glass/Container/Bowl/Whatever-and Let Them Soak for at Least 10-15 Min. This Ensures Ease of Cleaning Them. Make sure You Open the Top First, Then Run Water for about a Minute. This Loosens the Used Grinds Before Soaking.

Or You Just Used Hot Water, Dish Soap and a Toothbrush for the Top Screen and It Cleaned Right up.

We Recommend Using Medium or Fine Grinds Generally.

But Please Also Do Some Experimentations to Find the Right One According to the Empty Capsule You Use.

Different Grinds Leads to Different Creama Generally , The Fine Grinds Produce a Little Better Creamy Coffee than the Medium or Coarse One Based on the Same Brand.

Question 1:the coffee is not strong.

Cause1:maybe because of the coarse coffee power Solution:coffee power thickness must like as nestle Nespresso capsule, coffee power need uniform particle. Cayse 2:maybe because of the fluffy coffee power Solution:when you load the coffee,press harder and harder.

Question2:When use the steel capsule,do not come coffee or a little coffee,why?

Cause 1:maybe in the steel capsule,there is a lot of coffee power Solution:it is better to make the capsule only 95%full of coffee power.

Cause 2:maybe the coffee power,very close Solution:please see the instruction,how to fill the coffee power.

Cause 3:The coffee so fine. Solution:the coffee powder,do not like as milk power,flour.

Cause 4:The holes in the lid,be blocked Solution:Use finished,clean and spare.

Brand Name:
Filter Type:
Reusable Filters
Plastic,Stain Steel
Red, Brown,Blue,
Transparent Type:
reusable capsules
capsula nespresso
caffe accessories
About 50ml
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