350ml 550ml 750ml Glass Square Teapot High Temperature Resistant Loose Leaf Flower Tea Coffee Pot Stainless Steel Infuser Filter

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350 ml ,550 ml, 750 ml glass sqaure theepot hittebestendig unload magazine bloem thee koffie pot w / zetgroep zeef deksel
perfect for afternoon tea time to brew a pot of tea leaf or flower with your family and friends!
Een hand handvatdesign, easy to get your hand without scalding
hittebestendig dead 450 degrees celsius
use food grade glass and stainless steel material.non toxic and healthy
Sterke glas metHoge hardheidand is very strong and durable
material: das glas +
hittebestendige temperatuur 450 degrees celsius.
current temperatuur: 150 degrees celsius van 30 dead

Capaciteit: 350 ml
maat: 9.5×7.5 cm / 3.74×2.95 inch
Capaciteit: 550 ml
Maat: 11×8.2×7 cm/4.33×3.23×2.76 inch (voor 3-5 personen)
Capaciteit: 750 ml
Maat: 13×9.6×8 cm/5.18×3.78×3.15 inch (voor 5-6 personen)
1 x Thee Pot
1 x deksel
1 x siever

Feature 1:
Glass Sqaure Teapot
feature 2:
Flower Tea Coffee Pot
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