250g Bulk Old Rock Candy Piece Of Sugar Non-brown Yellow Natural 11065

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Natural polycrystalline rock candy block
Crystal sugar, also known as yellow rock sugar, polycrystalline rock sugar, is a selection of high purity black sugar cane as raw material, filtered through the juice crystallization, and then by adding sugar, impurity, clear juice, evaporation, concentration and add the appropriate crystallization agent , Cooling crystallization, after crushing and drying for the finished product.
The production of old rock candy and good rock candy
Without chemical refining, the traditional practice to maintain the original sugar cane nutrition,
Authentic, sweet but not greasy,
Refreshing lubrication, showing a natural yellow.
Shiny natural crystal clear and sweet and not greasy color yellow
Adhere to raw materials, no added traditional process refining,
After water dissolved, impurity removal, evaporation, concentration of crystallization … …
So that the sweetness of sugar cane more fully reflected.
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crystal sugar
Natural polycrystalline rock candy block
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