220v Automatic Electric Heating Alcohol Distiller Moonshine Still Alembic Spirits Wine Making Boiler With Water For Whisk

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This set of Automatic heating home distiller is a complete wine making sets; it is very easy to be set up and use, Can be used to distil homemade essential oils Peppermint oil Tea tree oil Cypress oil Perfume Can be used to distil homemade alcohol For beginners or experienced distillers, ideal for distilling fruit wine, distilling water, purifying water, distilling brandy and refining plant extracts for medical purposes Dimention 23L: Pot: 34cm in diameter, High : 49cm 36L: Pot: 39cm in diameter, High : 49cm 45L: Pot: 39cm in diameter, High : 53cm 56L: Pot: 44cm in diameter, High : 53cm Cooler pot:16cm in diameter,High : 27cm Moonshine still Output : 23L: 5kg rice material, produce 4kg alcohol(50 degree) 36L: 7.5kg rice material, produce 6kg alcohol (50 degree) 45L:10kg rice material, produce 8kg alcohol (50 degree) 56L: 12.5kg rice material, produce 10kg alcohol (50 degree) What it produce: Alcohol content of 50% by volume(Depend on the material you use) What’s in the Box ? 1X Wine Making Pot 1X Water pump 1X Metal thermometer 1X Cooling water pipe 1X Steam bracket 1X Stainless Steel Funnel 1X Wine Spoon 1X Gauze 1X Graduated cylinder

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