20 30 40 Plates Heat Exchanger Wort Chiller Stainless Steel Homebrew Beer Cooler Garden Hose Rapid Cooling

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20/30/40 Plates Heat Exchanger Wort Chiller, 304 Stainless Steel Counterflow Chiller Homebrew Beer Cooler

Plate chillers – A version for homebrew pros use. Unquestionably,it is the fastest & most efficient way to chiller your wort to yeast pitching temperature…
Counterflow chillers are a tube-inside-a-tube design and work by running hot wort from the boil kettle through the inner tube while cold water flows in the opposite direction through the outer tube.
● Efficient rapid cooling & tend to minimize water use.
● There is no potential for leaking.
● Reduce the chances of off-flavors and contamination.
Material: 304 stainless steel
▶ 20 Plates Chiller:
Dimension: 190mm x 72mm x 65mm
Garden hose thread : 1/2″ Male NPT fitting
▶ 30 Plates Chiller:
Dimension: 190mm x 72mm x 87mm
Garden hose thread : 3/4″ Male NPT fitting
▶ 40 Plates Chiller:
Dimension: 190mm x 72mm x 112mm
Water side out/in: 3/4″ NPT Theaded
Wort side out/in: 1/2″ NPT Threaded
Applications :
• Domestic Hot Water Heating
• Central Heating
• Floor Heating
• Driveway Snow Melting
• Radiator Heating
• Heating and Cooling HVAC Installation
• Solar Heating
Brand Name:
Product Type:
Wort Chillers
Stainless Steel
Plate Wort Chiller:
20/30/40 Plate
Counterflow chiller:
High Efficiency Cooling
Garden hose threads:
NPT Type
20 plate:
190 x 72 x 65mm
30 plate:
190 x 72 x 87mm
40 plate:
190 x 72 x 112mm
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