2 5l Glass Chinese Medicine Distiller Household Pure Dew Machine Mini Essential Oil Refining Equipment Electric Heating Brewer

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This product can be used to make distilled water, pure dew, wine, Chinese herbal medicine distillation equipment.

Can be used for sightseeing, shopping mall demonstrations, on-site production, but also allows more hand-made producers to have a competitive advantage.

Because the whole process is transparent, you can see more reassuring.

High borosilicate glass can withstand high temperatures of 550 degrees.

Electric heating glass plate, high-end, atmospheric, upper grade


Capacity: 250 ml

Size: 18cm*24cm*39cm

Package weight: 4.5 kg

Power: 800W

Brewing parameters: 250-500 grams of grain can be filled with up to 250 ml of wine

Pure dew parameters: placed flowers 250-500 grams maximum 750 ml


1. Prepare flowers to be distilled

2, add water to the machine

3. Add flowers

4. Click on the first button on the left to heat it.

5. When the machine is heated to 100 degrees Celsius, the machine will make a sound, then press the second button on the left to adjust the power to 800W.

5, quietly waiting for exposure

Model Number:
heating method:
Electric heating
Output speed:
6 minutes 100 ml
packing list:
Distiller, inlet and outlet pipes, water pump, induction cooker, steam
Maximum output:
750 ml
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