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Liquor-making Process

Liquor-making Process
There are two steps: first step is fermentation, second step is distillation.
Classification of liquor
Basing on raw materials:
A. Grain liquor: Including Kaoliang liquor, Corn liquor, Rice liquor, Sticky rice liquor, Wheat liquor. The taste of grain
liquor and the yield are better than Dry potato liquor.
B. Dry potato liquor: fusel oil content is higher than Grain liquor.
C. lternative raw material wine:use wild plants or other raw materials that contain much starch and sugar, such as
Sorghum bran, rice bran, cassava, beet, Molasses wine etc.

12L Distiller Kit Moonshine Red Copper Alcohol Distiller Brandy Vodka Wine Maker Home Brew Equipment
Capacity Height(cm) Net weight(Kg) Wall thickness Bottom thickness
12L 58 4.27 1mm 1mm
20L 65 5.10 1mm 1mm
35L 70 6.69 1mm 1mm
60L 80 8.39 1mm 1mm

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