120 Mesh Brewing Filter Bag Drawstring Straining Cylinder Beer Wine Homebrew Reusable Filtering Fine Nylon Strainer

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120 mesh Reusable Drawstring Brew in a Bag Straining Filtering Craft Homebrew Beer Wine Brewing Nylon Strainer

Try it once and see that you can get great beer with less hassle!
This special using for the home brew and craft brew. Using this bag to pack the hop or Milled grain make the wort filter process easy. This tool can reuse and it is very easy and convenient to use
Save time and money
Brew in a bag lets you move to all grain or partial mash brewing easily, and the biab method is very simple to set up and execute, even with limited space. The brew in a bag method eliminates the need for a mash tun, later tun, or hot liquor pot.
Made of durable polyester and can be washed and reused multiple times. Durable polyester and rugged stitching ensures no grains slip into the worth easy removal of the grains makes the rest of your brew day and cleanup a breeze. Drawstring closure ensures a complete seal before removal.
Multi-size Choose (14x20cm 19x28cm,23x46cm , 30x60cm,50x60cm)
Use your existing kettle setup for an easy transition to All-Grain brewing! The large size makes the bag versatile enough for any application; from jams to cold brew to cider and fruit wine making, this bag can do it all!
Trust the bag used by thousands of homebrewers for any application!
Package includes:
1x Brew Filter bag

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Product Type:
Filters, Funnels & Strainers
120 Mesh Brew Filter Bag
Reusable Drawstring Straining Brew in a Bag
Reusable Filtering Fine Nylon Mesh Strainer
can sue for Boil water or liquid
Use for:
Beer Wine Home brewing
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