100pcs Pack 20cm Wheat Straw Environmentally Friendly Portable Drinking Straws Bar Kitchen Accessories

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Product Information:
1、Made from natural wheat straw, it is 100% biodegradable, which means they don’t stay in landfills and pollute our land or ocean. Their function are similar to the plastic straws we all take for granted, but without toxins and destructive footprints on Earth.
2、Unlike plastic straw that is not degradable, wheat straw is made from renewable resources, and most importantly it is never wet.
3、Gluten-free wheat straw is safe for people who are intolerant to gluten and safe to use
4、Unlike plastic straws, plastic straws are chemically added for the pulping process. Wheat straws are made from is natural materials and then rinsed three times in sterile water to remove any dirt or bacteria. No chemicals have been added.
5、Wheat straws are 100% natural and can be thrown into compost after use. They can be composted in backyard or municipal composting facilities.Product description:
Color: yellow
Material: wheat straw
Weight: about 30g
Size: about 20cm/7.87inPackage Contents:
1 pack of 100 straws


Product Pictures:

Corn Starch
wheat straw
about 20cm
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